A downloadable exquisite game for Android

This is a Beta. I very much appreciate feedback. It helps make the game better.

Since Flashplayer is no longer supported for browser play, consider getting Asterius on Google Play or the Apple Store, it's firstly designed for mobile. I'll still have the swf available for download so you PC gamers can still play. Thank you all for your support throughout the years.

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If you like Rogue-likes but are tired of things like inventory management and stats comparison but still want the depth and adventure, then here it is! All you need is WSAD* (*author's preferred control scheme, you can also use arrow keys or mouse).

Asterius is a "smart" and true, but streamlined rogue-like dungeon crawler game, inspired by ASCII games, but made so each procedurally generated dungeon is winnable.  The game is carefully crafted to give each dungeon a hand-designed feel with the randomness of a rogue-like. The mechanics are easy to learn but take a long time to master.

You can change to touch controls in the game's menu to digital gamepad, or use a physical gamepad, keyboard, or mouse.


Download Asterius:

Asterius on Google Play

Asterius on the Apple Store


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Great game, as others have said.


  • Sometimes all silver dogs become aggressive for no valid reason. I’m pretty sure that this is triggered whenever I revisit the entrance room, and I can reproduce it that way.

  • On one occassion, I used a travel hat, but the one statue I discovered sent me to a different statue. Same was true for the other statues, and after going through all six of them, I was transported to the first statue I discovered.

Small things that could be better:

  • there could be an option to deactivate auto-use of bombs on anything other than walls bordering the rooms, so it’s harder to accidentally waste a bomb or blow up something important.

  • There could be a way to pass your turn, so you don’t have to drop torches or something.

  • it could use an auto-travel feature, allowing you to instantly travel between any two cleared rooms that are connected by cleared rooms.


Thanks for your post!

Do you have the latest version of the game? I believe I fixed the aggressive dog issue, so it'd be good to know if it's still not fixed.
Is the wrong travel shrine issue only when you have all six travel shrines? I'll look into it.

You can equip the sword if you want to only use the sword, but I think what you want is very specific. I'll consider that option. I've been wanting to add more a robust options menu.

I've experimented with passing your turn, and it took away from some challenges, but I believe since there are ways to effectively pass your turn then this mechanic is just tedious. I'll be adding ability to pass a turn.

As for the travel between rooms, it's been on my list and will eventually be a feature, thank you!

I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for playing.

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I’m using localized swf version 0.43.621, that should be the latest version. I could also reproduce it on the web version yesterday.

No, the wrong travel shrine issue caused me to find 5 undiscovered shrines. Each shrine sent me to a new, unkown shrine, only the final one sent me back to the one shrine I found normally. No idea what caused it, it happened on the first run of the game, after downloading it.

Edit: I just found out I copied the .sol files that day (I savescum sometimes). Turns out I actually only found 4 new shrines that way. Tell me if you want me to send you the files in some way.

You’re right, the auto option suggestion is very specific. I can’t really unequip the auto, if I used the sword I couldn’t have something else to quickly switch to. But it’s not important, I probably should just be paying more attention. And once you get the blessed sword it works like I’d like it, anyway.

You’re welcome, thank you for making this game!


This is very helpful, thank you again!


How is this game not more known ? This is really really good. Great understanding of actual roguelike mechanics ( need to learn gods, monsters, traps and items of the world to survive longer) and with really interesting combat strategy. The randomness is already excellent, it s really fun to replay and the rooms havent felt repetitive yet after half a dozen attempts.
I d just say a couple death seemed really unfair but maybe it is because i have not understood how to spot the danger yet? ( monster in water and tree push guy).

Thanks for the encouraging words! I know there are more people who love the game, just not so vocal about it. It helps to get these messages for affirmation. I'm working every day to make this game better. In fact, the next update will make the game's performance much better! After that, I'll be improving some of the design and conveyed information so things like the tree pushing man won't seem so random (there's a chance the old men are evil). Thanks again for playing, I'm glad you're enjoying it!


You're welcome, and yeah I ve encountered the info warning about old men now.
Do they cause insta death ? I think if their trap only removed one hit point it would help a bit.  Its a tricky thing to design because i like the concept of having to identify who is evil every run but at the same time gameplay wise the first runs  of new players are gonna confusing and seem unfair. The other tricky part is your game punishes hard on backtracking with the poison system, so if you meet the old men before identifying them you re kinda screwed?
Excited for the performance increase, on my phone the game starts chugging like crazy after I explore 12+ rooms. Maybe too much data to remember?

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Yes, changes like those are the ones I've been planning--namely backtracking woes will be softened--thanks for the suggestions!  The data is being managed fine, but the way Flash handles removing and loading textures causes the hiccups; more twextures, longer hiccup.  That sort of lag should be reduced greatly in the next update, of which requires a lot of manual texture reworking, which is what's been taking the next update so long. Either way, other things not related to that should make it a bit better as well. Truth is, I started programming this game a loong time ago, and I'm learning more about how to write neater code, so I've been rewriting a lot of old stuff to speed things up. There's a priority list I'm going down, and my efforts are just now starting to show. Fingers crossed!


Awesome, best of luck!


Ah also, bug feedback: sometimes the game freezing indefinitely when loading a room ( happened only twice over a few hours of playing).


This game is excellent.  I don't have any complaints with it.  Keep doing what you're doing and I can't wait for the full product.


That's great and very encouraging. Thank you!